Why Can Withdrawals Be Delayed at Online Casinos?

Getting money out of an online casino can be a frustrating process. Whilst depositing is usually completed instantly, it takes a little longer to withdraw.

Throughout this article, we are going to highlight several things that may delay a withdrawal to be processed and also show you things that you can do before withdrawing to reduce the wait time.

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Depositing and Withdrawing at Online Casinos

To play at any online casino you need to deposit money into your account. One of the biggest advancements within the sector over the last 20 years has been the number of payment options that are now available.

Depositing into your account with most of these options is a process that should take a few seconds. Once your funds have been cleared you will then be able to go on and play any of the real money games at the casino.

Withdrawing money is just as easy, but it generally takes a little longer for these funds to process than a deposit would. Timeframes will vary based on the payment method, but anything from 1 to 5 working days is about standard for most casinos and payment methods.

Whilst it may seem a long time, it takes longer to process withdrawals due to most needing some sort of manual verification and also processing times with your bank or payment accounts. If you ever need to return something to a shop for a refund, the money is rarely paid straight away and usually takes a few days. The same can be applied to online casino payments as well.

What Can Cause Online Casino Withdrawal Delays

There are lots of small things that can cause delays when it comes to withdrawals. Both old and new online slot sites are very strict on making sure that all information is in place before processing payments, so you must have all of your details up to date to avoid delays.

Withdrawal Break Sometimes casino withdrawals can be declined or delayed, for a variety of reasons (Credit: PA Images)

One of the main reasons that they all need to be updated is to prevent money laundering. This has been a huge issue for online casinos and gambling sites in general, so they need to make sure that the person who is withdrawing the money is the person who is linked to that account.

Below we’ve listed some of the most common causes for withdrawal delays in the online casino sector.

Duplicate Accounts

    🚫 Online casinos will only allow you to have one account to play with. If they find out that you’ve got more than one account, then they could delay or even seize your money.

    🚫 It’s worth noting that this could happen for duplicate accounts that are innocent. For example, if you’ve signed up to a site 10 years ago and completely forgotten, this could trigger a duplicate account.

    🚫 However, lots of casinos are pretty good when it comes to sorting these for older accounts. As long as you’ve not logged in and played for a reasonable amount of time, they will generally just close the older account and then process your payment.


    ✅ Most online casinos now need you to verify your account before your withdrawal. Some sites will even ask for verification before you deposit, and this is a major thing with Canadian-based online casinos right now.

    ✅ Verification usually entails the player needing to confirm both their ID and their address. To do this they will need to send in documents to confirm, such as passport, driver’s license, utility bills, ID cards, bank statements etc.

    ✅ Only when the account has been fully verified will payments be processed. To save time, we highly recommend that you do this as soon as you sign up.

Incorrect Card Details

    💳 Another common issue that many players have is that their card details are not correct. Even the smallest of typos in terms of the name on the card, expiry date or the security code can offset this.

    💳 It’s also worth noting that withdrawals cannot be processed to cards that have expired. Even though bank accounts are linked to the same card, payments will only be made to the card. If it’s expired then it will not be processed.

Incorrect Account /Details

    ℀ Just like discrepancies in card details, account details that do not match will also be an issue. One of the most common is that of addresses that are different from the card to the player account. If they do not match, payments will not be processed.

    ℀ If any of these details change over your time with your account, then you will need to update them as soon as you can. You may also be asked to verify any changes, just as you would when you register an account. Again, we highly recommend that you do this as soon as you can to avoid delays later down the line.

Bonus Abuse

    💸 If you’ve been caught abusing a welcome bonus or any bonus that is linked with the casino, the casino will almost always block any withdrawals from this. Bonus abuse can come in several ways, but the most common is by using multiple accounts to claim the same bonus.

    💸 It’s worth noting that some bonus offers are linked to a household and not just a single person. This means that if someone else in your house has already claimed the bonus, then you might not be eligible to withdraw any bonus that you’ve cleared.

    💸 Bonuses are often linked to IP addresses, which is how online casinos flag these. Most casinos won't highlight the issue until you come to withdraw, meaning that you might claim it and even play with the bonus money until you come to withdraw where this will be flagged.


    🙅‍♂️ Most online casinos come with some sort of location restriction attached. This might be players from a certain country or, in places like the US, players from different states.

    🙅‍♂️ To get around this, players often use VPN to shield their IP address and make it look like they are in one location when they are actually in another. Admittedly, it’s very hard for the casino to flag this given how complex VPN’s are these days, but if they do find out, then your withdrawals might be limited.

    🙅‍♂️ An obvious sign is when the account logs in within one country, then just minutes later is logged in using a VPN in another country. Once this flagged, the casino will know that you’re using a VPN.

Location Issues

    🌍 Location issues can be a massive problem for withdrawals. Whilst casinos may accept and allow certain payment methods, the country the player resides in my not accept these payment methods.

    🌍 Another issue is when it comes to international payments. Some bank accounts automatically flag these and they delay them to do a little more research into where the money has come from and essentially if it’s legit.

Incorrect Age

    1️⃣8️⃣ If players are found to not be of legal age or they have lied about their age, then again, this is going to cause issues. Payments will only be processed back to accounts that are verified.

    1️⃣8️⃣ A common issue here is people signing up for accounts where they are underage and then trying to verify when they are of legal age. The DOB is a constant that never changes, so any discrepancies here are major red flags.

Collecting Your Online Casino Winnings

Any winnings that you’ve accumulated from your account you are then able to withdraw. The process is relatively simple and the only thing you need to note is that it must go back to the original payment method that you used to deposit.

If you’ve used multiple methods here, then you need to clear off each one in order before moving onto the next one.

For example, let’s say that for three months you make three deposits using your debit card, Neteller account and PayPal, each for C$20 and in that order. You strike it lucky on the slots and net a C$100 win.

To withdraw your funds, you would first need to withdraw C$20 back to the debit card, then C$20 back to Neteller account before finally C$20 back to PayPal. Only once they were all cleared can you then choose where you withdraw the remaining C$40.

How to Make Sure Your Online Casino Withdrawal Goes Through

As long as the details on your account are up to date and you have a fully verified account, then there shouldn’t be any additional delays to withdrawing your casino winnings.

Verification is one of the biggest stalling points for a lot of players. If you’ve not been asked to do it, when it comes to withdrawing, you will almost certainly get asked. To speed up the process, contact support as soon as you sign up to verify your account and this means that when it comes to withdrawing, there are no delays.

Take the time to check the reasons why a withdrawal might not go through in the sections above and make sure you aren’t in breach of any of these. If you have any issues or you think that you may flag on one or more of these, address them as soon as you can. Contact support at your casino who will be more than willing to help and also shed any light to any potential delays.

Types of Casino Payment Methods

The online casino sector has grown massively over the last decade or so. One of the areas that have benefitted from this growth is the range of payment methods on offer.

Below we have listed as many as we can, but it’s worth noting that not all casinos will have all methods accessible.

Payment ProviderPayment Provider
MaestroApple Pay
Google PayPayPal
Bank WireBitcoin
Giro PayZimpler
Much BetterInterac
PayoneerAmerican Express
Western UnionUKash

Online Casino Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Most banking methods will come with limits for both deposits and withdrawals. You can check the limits before you use any of the payments to see if it fits with the sums of money you want to get in and out of your account.

For the most part, limits will be based on a per-transaction basis, meaning that it will be the max you can move for that single transaction. If you need to move higher than the stated limits, then you might need to make several transactions.

There will be limits based on the frequency of withdrawals in particular. Some casinos may give you one free withdrawal a month and then charge a fee after that.

If you feel like the casino is too limiting and nothing suits your needs, we recommend that you reach out to them to see if there is a workaround. If you’re hitting casino limits, then there is a good chance that you are playing higher stakes. Casinos are usually more accommodating of their higher stakes players so they may waive these limits or manually process them for you in return of you sticking around.

Fastest Casino Withdrawals

The fastest way to get your money out of a casino is almost always via that of an e-wallet or an online payment method. The likes of PayPal, Neteller and Interac are all methods where you can expect to get your money within a few hours, if not instantly.

This is because there are no bank checks to be made to process the withdrawal and all you’re waiting for is the casino to push it through, which is usually pretty quick.

Casino Withdrawal FAQs

How do you withdraw money from an online casino?

You need to head to your account and then select the withdrawal method of choice from the banking section. Enter the amount for withdrawal and then click process.

Who to contact if an online casino delays your withdrawal?

It’s always best to first check with the casino to make sure that the withdrawal has been processed. If so, then the next step is with your payment provider to see if there are any issues or delays on their part.

What can you do if an online casino refuses to pay money?

If a casino refuses to pay, then you need to get to the bottom of why. If you feel like you’ve not breached any rules of terms, then you can contact the licensee for that casino. If you’re in Canada, this would be the Malta Gaming AUthority.

How long does cashing out online take?

Usually, it can take between 1 to 5 working days. Some methods, like electronic wallets, take less than more traditional methods, such as debit or bank payments.

How long does verification take at an online casino?

Verification is usually processed within 24 hours for most online casinos. This can be much quicker for larger casinos and sometimes longer for smaller ones.


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